1. 1907 Cadillac Model M Touring

  2. 1907 Cadillac Model M Touring

  3. 1907 Cadillac Model M Touring

  4. 1907 Cadillac Model M Touring

  5. 1907 Cadillac Model M Touring

  6. 1907 Cadillac Model M Touring

  7. 1907 Cadillac Model M Touring

  8. 1907 Cadillac Model M Touring

  9. 1907 Cadillac Model M Touring

  10. 1907 Cadillac Model M Touring

  11. 1907 Cadillac Model M Touring

  12. 1907 Cadillac Model M Touring

  13. 1907 Cadillac Model M Touring

  14. 1907 Cadillac Model M Touring

  15. 1907 Cadillac Model M Touring

  16. 1907 Cadillac Model M Touring

  17. 1907 Cadillac Model M Touring

  18. 1907 Cadillac Model M Touring

  19. 1907 Cadillac Model M Touring

  20. 1907 Cadillac Model M Touring

  21. 1907 Cadillac Model M Touring

  22. 1907 Cadillac Model M Touring

Lot Number
1907 Cadillac Model M Touring
Scottsdale Auction

Offered Without Reserve

ESTIMATE: $80,000 - $100,000
• A handsomely restored example
• Charming Brass Era car
• Ideal for concours and show events
• Cleverly disguised electric starter

98.2 cid horizontal single-cylinder engine rated at 10 HP, two-speed planetary transmission with reverse, solid front and live rear axles with semi-elliptic leaf springs, single-chain drive, and dual differential-mounted brakes; wheelbase: 72”

In the early days of the motorcar, it was anyone’s guess as to what would work. Indeed, there were cars of three- and four-wheel configurations as well as steam, electric, and gas-powered machines. While there was no shortage of ideas, there were only a very few that had it figured out. Henry Ford was still finding his way, Ransom Olds was doing well with his Curved Dash Model R, and Billy Durant was laying the foundation for General Motors. Along with these pioneers was the great Henry Leland, an engineering genius who had a design for a motorcar that was solid, durable, and offered a degree of reliability that was seldom matched in the new fledgling motorcar industry. After picking up the pieces of Henry Ford’s first failed venture, Leland took his own design and named it after a French explorer, thus was born “Cadillac.” The first Cadillac was built in 1903 and 2,497 were sold that year. This was a respectable number at the time and, although no one could have known, it marked was the beginning of one of America’s best cars. The Cadillac brand is still a respected name in the global luxury market today.

Finished in a fitting shade of Brewster Green with bright red accents, this 1907 Model M Touring is an early motorcar that makes for an entrance that’s impossible to miss. This car was fully restored in 2013 and presents today in outstanding condition. It was purchased from a private collection and has been meticulously maintained to very high standards. The elegance of Cadillac’s design is clearly evident even in this early example with stylish brass lanterns mounted on the cowl while another singular brass lantern lights the rear. The chassis is fully detailed in all areas and this Cadillac rides on wood spoke artillery wheels and blackwall tires that have many thousands of miles left to offer. This Cadillac is also very well-sorted mechanically and is “tour ready” with all systems tuned and adjusted. Getting this vintage Cadillac up and running is made easier thanks to a retrofitted and cleverly disguised electric starter on the flywheel that makes bringing its one-cylinder engine to life a snap. This common component is also easily removed for authentication and judging for weekends on the show field. The interior is nicely finished in black leather and, as a touring car, has ample room for four passengers. The simplistic charm of the early motorcar is clearly evident while sitting in the driver’s seat with right-hand-drive, a beautiful wood steering wheel, and controls that are easily in reach for carefree driving. Power for this Model M comes from a 98 cubic-inch horizontal single-cylinder engine with 10 horsepower mated to a two-speed planetary transmission and chain drive. Its exterior appearance is also nicely enhanced with a full convertible “cape” top that features diamond patterned windows at the rear. Documentation of this Cadillac’s restoration is in the form of a picture board that shows its complete restoration and a reproduction service manual also comes with the car. This Cadillac has also yet to make its formal show debut, leaving the new owner the pleasure of presenting it on the concours field.

Motorcars from the formative days of this “newfangled invention” will always hold a certain charm as they’re more than “just a car.” Indeed, they represent the most significant social change in history as man transitioned from the horse to mechanized power. Cars like this delightful 1907 Cadillac Model M Touring carry a unique charm of their own as they chug their way down the country lane. This Cadillac Touring represents a time when the automotive world was not ruled by a few major corporations, but by men like Henry Leland who had a vision of how good a car could be. With its fine restoration and dedication to authenticity, this Cadillac is a horseless carriage that will surely make a stunning addition to any stable while also being a welcome recipient at many concours events.

1907 Cadillac Model M Touring
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