1. 2003 Delahaye Custom Speedster

  2. 2003 Delahaye Custom Speedster

  3. 2003 Delahaye Custom Speedster

  4. 2003 Delahaye Custom Speedster

  5. 2003 Delahaye Custom Speedster

  6. 2003 Delahaye Custom Speedster

  7. 2003 Delahaye Custom Speedster

  8. 2003 Delahaye Custom Speedster

  9. 2003 Delahaye Custom Speedster

  10. 2003 Delahaye Custom Speedster

  11. 2003 Delahaye Custom Speedster

  12. 2003 Delahaye Custom Speedster

  13. 2003 Delahaye Custom Speedster

  14. 2003 Delahaye Custom Speedster

  15. 2003 Delahaye Custom Speedster

  16. 2003 Delahaye Custom Speedster

  17. 2003 Delahaye Custom Speedster

  18. 2003 Delahaye Custom Speedster

  19. 2003 Delahaye Custom Speedster

  20. 2003 Delahaye Custom Speedster

  21. 2003 Delahaye Custom Speedster

  22. 2003 Delahaye Custom Speedster

Lot Number
2003 Delahaye Custom Speedster
Scottsdale Auction

ESTIMATE: $200,000 - $250,000
CHASSIS NO: 1F90003S63CI20369
• Stunning modern interpretation of a prewar icon
• Figoni et Falaschi styling reimagined by Chip Foose
• Modern powertrain, chassis, suspension
• Built and completed by today’s top hot-rod builders
• Wonderful combination of classic design with modern drivability

Ford 302 cid V-8 engine, Ford C4 three-speed automatic transmission, independent front suspension with coilover shock absorbers, live rear axle with Air Ride shock absorbers, power-assisted four-wheel hydraulic brakes; wheelbase: 127”

Europe, and particularly France, during the late 1930s was a hotbed of tremendous creativity and experimentation in the field of custom coachbuilding. In particular, Figoni et Falaschi advanced Art Deco style with sweeping, curvaceous designs lending an impression of speed. For top collectors, the combination of Figoni et Falaschi coachwork and the race-bred Delahaye chassis marks the ultimate automotive expression; a virtually unattainable piece of artwork epitomizing the glamour of late-1930s Paris. For today’s enthusiasts, options are limited by supplies of available cars and their often-prohibitive cost.

The vehicle offered here is the inspired product of a dedicated enthusiast, combining the flamboyant style of 1930s French coachbuilders with the distinctly American tradition of the Hot Rod. The result is this breathtaking 2003 Delahaye USA Boattail Speedster, a fabulous tribute to the style of the iconic Figoni et Falaschi-bodied 1930s Delahayes with a modern twist courtesy of a bespoke chassis and modern powertrain. The body styling was executed by legendary hot rod stylist Chip Foose, whose impressive design incorporates a variety of themes from the era into one dramatic piece of rolling sculpture. With this car, built by Delahaye USA, Foose brilliantly incorporated numerous historical design cues but with a thoroughly modern, almost futuristic vision. The fully skirted fenders recall the Delahaye 165M Figoni, while the radiator shell and cut-down windscreen recall Bugatti’s Type 57SC. Further inspiration comes from Alan Leamy and Gordon Buehrig’s fabulous Auburn Boattail Speedsters.

The fiberglass and steel body was constructed and painted over a four-year period by Brown’s Metal Mods of New York, finished in striking House of Kolor Bloodhound Red over Jet Black with outstanding application. Fender moldings were meticulously handcrafted by Tommy Caruso of Contour Metalshaping in Plainfield, New Jersey and Mark Barton of The Panel Shop in Stratford, Connecticut. Fascinating details abound, including a genuine Hispano-Suiza stork mascot, accurate replica Bugatti Type 57 radiator shell, and rocket-inspired taillights - 1937 Hudson hood ornaments turned 180 degrees and illuminated with red Lucite. Eight custom tailpipes beneath the rear body hint at the performance potential. Used sparingly since completion, the Speedster remains beautiful. The 127-inch wheelbase chassis was built by Fat Man fabrications of North Carolina and mounts independent front suspension with coilover shocks and a custom Ford 9-inch rear axle with Air Ride control shocks. The car sits impossibly low and long, with fully skirted fenders accentuating the length. Powered by a Ford 302 cubic-inch V-8 mated to a C4 automatic, the car is also equipped with power brakes and power steering for easy and enjoyable cruising. The engine is finely detailed to give a vintage look with minimal chrome, custom air cleaner, bespoke finned valve covers, and black and red striped lacquered ignition leads. The two-place cockpit is trimmed in richly crafted black leather, covering the seats, door panels, and cockpit rails. Beautiful wool carpeting a spectacular, Cubist-style instrument panel (hand-painted by Don "The Egyptian" Boeke of Dayton, Ohio) houses an array of Omega Kustom gauges. The Haartz Stayfast canvas top disappears neatly beneath a hard tonneau. Dramatic, beautiful, and finely constructed, this 2003 Delahaye USA Speedster is a fabulous tribute to the great French Carrossiers of the 1930s while celebrating the creativity and impeccable craftsmanship of today’s top rodders. It remains in beautiful condition, having been used only sparingly since completion, standing ready to show or drive while creating a sensation wherever it goes.

2003 Delahaye Custom Speedster
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