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1966 Volkswagen 21-Window "Sunroof" Microbus

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1966 Volkswagen 21-Window

CHASSIS NO: 246039611

• Outstanding presentation and colors
• Recent restoration with attention to detail
• Very well-appointed
• Factory-issued Certificate of Authenticity

1,776cc horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine, 70 HP, dual Weber two-barrel carburetors, four-speed manual transaxle, four-wheel independent suspension with torsion bars and shock absorbers, four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes; wheelbase: 94.5

After World War II, Volkswagen was able to get back into production within a year, producing what would become the most popular compact car in the world, the stylish little Beetle. In 1946, an importer from the Netherlands, Ben Pon, came up with the idea for a vehicle that could transport passengers as well as light loads of cargo. Pon put his pencil on a sheet of paper and began to translate his idea into a drawing that would serve as a starting point for the iconic Type 2 Transporter. Seeing a viable product in this design, the engineers at Wolfsburg developed a platform that could properly handle the loads that had been suggested. Pon did credit some of his inspiration to the German-engineered Rumpler Trophenwagen combined with the designs of Americas Buckminster Fuller who had created the prototype Dymaxion automobiles. Several prototypes were developed and the leadership at Volkswagen saw many possibilities for this new vehicle. In November 1949, production started with two basic models, a panel delivery van for commercial customers and a Kombi wagon for passenger use. In short order, aftermarket suppliers were coming up with a wide variety of accessories for almost any purpose. By the mid-1950s, the factory was producing over a half dozen variants including drop-side pickup trucks factory-built ambulances, and special purpose models such as insulated van for perishable cargo, transport units for fire-fighting equipment and personnel, plus very special mail delivery models.

Restored within the past two years, this is among the most sought-after Volkswagens in collector circles today. Starting with a rust-free body, the Velvet Green and Pearl White paint was applied with the same skill and expertise as those German craftsmen had employed 53 years ago. Using the same materials that originally covered the seats, all new materials were used for the padding, covers and stitching patterns. Even the original matting for the floor covering was employed.

According to our consignor, all the sheet metal and all the windows are original to this 21-window microbus. Also restored to its factory specifications and appearance was the very rare roll-back sunroof. The only upgrade was the more powerful engine which is fitted with dual carburetors and dual exhaust. Shifting is still accomplished through the original four-speed transaxle and both the flat-four motor and complete transmission were completely rebuilt during the restoration process. Up front the instrument panel has been fully reconditioned and looks just a fresh and new as the day it was delivered new. Helping verify the rarity and desirability of this beautiful Volkswagen is a factory-issued Certificate of Authenticity based on factory build records showing this microbus left the factory configured just as it is presented today.

One of the most enjoyable rides you could ever want to own, this Volkswagen 21-window microbus will transport you back to those halcyon days when life seemed easier and the vehicles we drove were so much more fun to own.

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