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1928 Chrysler Model 72 Rumble Seat Coupe

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1928 Chrysler  Model 72 Rumble Seat Coupe
Offered from The Roaring Twenties Collection, Body by Fisher


• Well-optioned Series 72 Coupe
• Features include golf bag storage and rumble seat
• Includes highly sought-after “Red Head” high compression option

249 cid L-head inline six-cylinder engine, 60 HP, three-speed manual transmission with single reverse gear, floor mount shifting controls, conventional clutch, tubular front axle; wheelbase: 118.75”

For Chrysler, the 1920s had been a period of rapid development. During this time, Chrysler introduced the high-compression engine with full pressure lubrication, oil filtration, and a carburetor air filter, all key components used in cars today. Some other early innovations included the first practical mass-produced four-wheel hydraulic braking system, which was completely engineered by Chrysler with patents given to Lockheed. Chrysler also pioneered use of rubber engine mounts which would reduce vibration. After acquiring Maxwell Motors in the mid-1920s, Chrysler began to concentrate on brand expansion by introducing the Plymouth and DeSoto lines. By 1928, the Chrysler Corporation had spent more than $22 million in growth and development. This would also be the year that Chrysler entered the racing field, sending several cars to Le Mans, Goodwood, and other venues where they finished competitively, considering what they were running against. The Series 72 was introduced as a sporty model aimed at keeping consistent with Chrysler’s advertising campaign which portrayed younger drivers enjoying their cars. Several features including hydraulic brakes, rubber shock insulators, and tubular axles came standard on the Series 72.

Offered from The Roaring Twenties Museum Collection, this Chrysler Series 72 Rumbleseat Coupe, handsomely colored in blue and black displays Chrysler’s innovative design. A heightened radiator and cowl, as well as redesigned headlight posts were used to give the car its signature sporty look. This rare Fisher-bodied 72 also features a California top with Landau arms, adding a touch of European elegance to that sportiness. A rumble seat with arm rests and a golf bag compartment are also featured in this rare find. With a rear-mounted spare, and dual drum cowllights that mimic the headlights, this is probably one of the more graciously optioned 72s available. Under the hood lies a 249 cubic-inch inline six, equipped with the sought-after “Red Head” high compression option.

Chrysler’s automotive numerical terminology, such as the “Series 72,” was very purposeful. Quite literally, this meant that the car was guaranteed by Chrysler to reach 72 miles per hour. It was further advertised that should the car not be able to attain such a speed; the dealership would reimburse the sale. This kind of confidence can only come from years of testing and careful innovation, and this Series 72 Roadster clearly shows it.

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