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1914 Ford Model T Runabout

Selling on Saturday Evening

1914 Ford Model T Runabout
Offered from The Roaring Twenties Collection


• Highly desired runabout model
• First year for the curved cowl T
• Fordís first true ďconvertibleĒ

177 cid four-cylinder inline engine, 20 HP, two-speed planetary transmission, three-pedal controls and single floor lever, solid front axle and live rear axle with transverse semi-elliptic leaf springs, transmission brake with two-wheel mechanical drum brakes; wheelbase: 100Ē

Production of the 1915 Model T began in January at Fordís Highland Park Plant. Apart from a curved cowl section, the bodies were essentially identical to their 1914 counterparts. The purpose of this design change was to gracefully hide the wood firewall. This new line of Fords also included curved rear fenders and an upright windshield with a folding top section. Electric headlights, powered by the engineís upgraded magneto, also became standard for the Model T in 1915. The magneto also ran the Model Tís ignition system; A feature which allowed the engine to run off either gasoline, kerosene, or ethanol. With a top speed of 45 miles per hour, the Model Tís 177 cubic-inch L-head engine produced 20 horsepower.

This 1915 Model T Roadster, offered from The Roaring Twenties Collection, is in very good condition conidering its inactivity for many years. It is equipped with standard electric headlights as well as kerosene sidelights and a taillight. This T is fitted with Hassler "Shock Absorber" auxiliary springs, a common accessory produced by the millions to lessen the jumping action of the Model Tís leaf springs. It is finished in black, which Ford had adopted as the standard color in order to hasten the process of speed drying the large amounts of paint that were demanded by the rapidly increasing production volume of the car. This T also is equipped with matching black upholstery, a black leatherette top, and a brass Ford step plate.

Commonly regarded as one of Fordís most well-developed and purposefully improved vehicles, this Model T represents Fordís early-on commitment to building vehicles that were functional, resilient, and accessible by all. With a production total of just over 47,000 units, this 1915 Model T Runabout originally sold for around $440. Adjusted for inflation, that would come out to roughly $11,000 in todayís dollars. Easily recognizable with its brass radiator and distinct body features, this Model T is ready for further display, representative of a time when American industrial confidence was soaring. If there ever was a car that needs no introduction, it most certainly would have to be Fordís Model T.

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