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1929 Hudson Super Six Sport Coupe

Selling on Saturday Evening

1929 Hudson Super Six Sport Coupe
Offered from The Roaring Twenties Collection

CHASSIS NO: 609743

• Iconic and well-known car
• Ornate hood ornament
• A well-preserved museum car
• Attractive car with rumble seat

289 cid F-head inline four-cylinder engine, 30 HP, three-speed sliding gear manual transmission with single reverse gear, semi-floating rear axle, wood spoke wheels, four-wheel mechanical Bendix brakes; wheelbase: 118.5”

At its peak, Hudson was the third largest automotive manufacturer in the United States. Well-known for innovation, Hudson was the first manufacturer of dual braking systems, oil-pressure and generator warning lights, and most importantly the first balanced crankshaft. Thanks to this advancement, Hudson’s straight-six engine could operate at a higher rotational speed while still running smoothly. This allowed the six to develop more power for an engine of its size than lower speed powerplants. As a result, Hudson’s “Super Six” lineup enjoyed one of the most successful production runs in America. Known for its dependability, it was the Super Six’s consistency that contributed to its popularity among consumers. It would not be until 1929 that Hudson would officially drop the Super Six label, a move that coincided with the company’s adoption of its “The Greater Hudson” ad campaign.

On top of their dependability, the Hudson of 1929 was a visually appealing car. With a higher, sleeker radiator, vertical engine louvres, the addition of “Saddle Lamps,” and larger, more modern headlights, these cars had what could only be described as an aristocratic look to them. After relocating the Motometer to the dash, Hudson added an ornately sculptured hood ornament to the top of the radiator. Each of these design improvements, attractively displayed on this 1929 Hudson Super Six Sports Coupe, complemented an already great car by giving it additional functionality.

Offered from The Roaring Twenties Museum Collection, this delightful two-tone Hudson represents the last of its kind to carry the Super Six name. The interior, done in a plush green velour, is in fairly good condition for it age. This Hudson also features a steering wheel made from a rubber shell wrapped around a solid steel core, a first in the automotive industry. Notice, too, that the spark, throttle, light, and horn controls were all conveniently moved to the center of the wheel. This car also features a rumble seat which was, by this time, very common among all roadsters.

This fine Hudson Super Six Roadster represents an attractive opportunity to own a car that is just as historically important as it is interesting. Don’t miss out on this chance to experience the Super Six!

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