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1929 Peerless Model 6-61 Sedan

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1929 Peerless Model 6-61 Sedan
Offered from The Roaring Twenties Collection


• Descendent of "Three P" lineage
• Last of the 6-61 model line
• Nicely preserved museum car

248 cid inline six-cylinder engine, 62 HP, three-speed manual transmission with single reverse gear, artillery wheels; wheelbase: 116”

Peerless is commonly referred to as one of the “Three Ps” of American luxury; Contending with Packard and Pierce-Arrow in the competition for control of the upscale automotive market. The first time the Peerless brand appeared was in 1902 on a vehicle with a front-mounted engine that drove its rear wheels through a shaft. This would eventually become industry standard as time went on. By the late 1900s, Peerless was experiencing a period of rapid expansion and development. After gaining a solid footing in the racing field, recognition of the Peerless brand grew among the wealthy. By the early 1910s, Peerless became one of the first companies to use electric lighting and starters on their cars. In response to Cadillac, Peerless produced its first V-8 engine in 1915. During the First World War, Peerless manufactured military vehicles including the Peerless Armored Car which gained great notoriety amongst British troops. By the late 1920s, Peerless was offering three separate cars, the 6-61, 6-81, and 120. This would be the last year for these models and in 1930 all of Peerless’ products were renamed.

With the advent of the Great Depression came a huge reduction in the sales of luxury automobiles. Peerless responded by downsizing their production and attempting to tap into what was left of the wealthy consumer market, a strategy that would ultimately fail. The last Peerless, a single Murphy body V-16, was finished in June of 1931. Though this marked the end of the brand’s production, Peerless was credited as a significant leader within the industry.

This 1929 Peerless, offered exclusively from The Roaring Twenties Museum Collection, is a fine example of the Model 6-61. It is often said that the Model 6-61 most accurately represents the company’s tagline, “All That the Name Implies.” The sturdy, robust look of the car clearly puts it in a league of its own. A two-tone paintjob attractively combines blue with black to accentuate all the elegant features of this car’s exterior. Most Peerless products were well-optioned, and this one features low-mounted fog lights, fender-mount indicators, a spotlight, and a windshield wiper. Beneath the hood is the time-proven Peerless straight-six motor. With a little restoration, this car will be ready to impress; a true gentleman’s car. This Model 6-61, timelessly elegant and steadfastly engineered, remains to be enjoyed for decades to come.

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