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2007 Duesenberg II 'Murphy Disappearing-Top' Roadster

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2007 Duesenberg II  'Murphy Disappearing-Top' Roadster


• Authentic re-creation of the Murphy Roadster
• One-off custom
• Built by Advanced Automotive Technologies
• Six-year build with Ford V-10 power

6.8-liter Ford Triton V-10 engine rated at 362 HP, four-speed automatic transmission, air ride suspension with independent ride control, four-wheel power disc brakes; wheelbase: 142.5”

The resurrection of an icon is never something to be taken lightly as it often involves a painstaking study of the original in every way. When Automotive Technologies of Rochester Hills, Michigan set out to recreate the famous Duesenberg Murphy Roadster, no one could have predicted that the process would take six years to study, measure, design, and build a car that could pay tribute to the original design. Indeed, even invoking the very name of Duesenberg conjures up images of grandeur and elegance that was achieved for just one brief moment in automotive history. As the world-recognized standard in automotive engineering, Duesenberg stood alone and in a class all its own as the very best car money could buy. Attempting to replicate this great marque would almost sound impossible, but through careful engineering and a dedication to authenticity this Duesenberg II Murphy Roadster manages to capture not only the excellence that Fred and Augie achieved, but also manages to deliver the supreme performance that made Duesenberg a car like no other. Riding on a 142.5-inch wheelbase and powered by a V-10 engine, this Duesenberg Murphy Roadster II’s modern interpretation of this timeless classic is a car that could park alongside any Packard, Stutz, or Cadillac of the day.

The Murphy Roadster design by Advanced Automotive Technologies as a one-off show car was fully researched and planned before the build even started. As custom dream car builders of General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler, Advanced Automotive Technologies was well-equipped for putting this car together. The build started on a Ford F-250 chassis that was modified to fit the fine lines of the Murphy Roadster. An exact specification Murphy Roadster body was then created from fiberglass and attached to the frame with tubular steel framing. The dramatic appearance and length were then accurately recreated in its 142.5-inch wheelbase. All parts for this build were precision-built to authentic Duesenberg specifications including brass headlight bases and stanchions, the windshield castings, and brass door handle castings. The instrument panel even houses beveled glass lenses. Up front, the mighty Duesenberg grille is tall and proud with the ultra-streamlined and Art Deco-inspired hood ornament riding up top. Two large headlamps use custom cast glass and trip lights with dual trumpet horns complete the imposing look of this magnificent car. Twin side-mounted spare tires with hard shell cases accent its dramatic length and elegant trim spears line the front edge of the rear fenders. A rumble seat at the rear completes the classic roadster appearance and biplane split bumpers are exact replicas of the originals used by Duesenberg for the Murphy Roadster. The custom fitted hardtop is removable for open air touring. This grand motorcar is finished in a two-tone gray and silver with red pinstriping accenting the beltline. In keeping with its performance heritage, power comes from a 6.8-liter Ford V-10 rated at 362 horsepower. The engine compartment is a work of art with a metal engine turned firewall and all wiring and plumbing concealed. The interior is expertly upholstered in red leather with gray carpeting. The center-mounted gauges are nicely set in an engine turned nacelle and driving is easy thanks to a four-speed automatic transmission, although a shifter and faux clutch pedal give the appearance of a manual transmission. Other amenities include air suspension with each wheel individually controlled, air-conditioning, power steering, power brakes, power seats, and power windows.

The Duesenberg Murphy Roadster is a car that defined how beautiful a car could be and this continuation of its legacy is the modern interpretation of this automotive jewel. This is a project that was accurately researched, carefully built, and upgraded with the modern amenities that are so necessary for comfortable driving. With its outstanding stage presence, flamboyant appeal, and powerful V-10 engine, this Duesenberg Murphy Roadster II is ready for the open road.

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