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Harley-Davidson Aermacchi Race Bike

Selling on Saturday

 Harley-Davidson Aermacchi Race Bike

• Race fairing is in excellent shape
• Beautifully painted in Harley-Davidson Orange
• Reportedly capable of speeds up to 150 MPH
• A desirable Italian/American cooperative effort

Motor No: A609
Frame No: 221126

250cc two-stroke engine, 18 HP, four-speed gearbox, front telescopic forks, rear coil spring suspension, drum brakes; wheelbase: 52”

Aermacchi was an Italian aircraft manufacturer that began in 1912. First specializing in seaplanes and then supporting the Italian army in WW II, after the war, they developed scooters and small motorcycles to fill the post-war need for affordable transportation.

In 1960, Harley-Davidson was seeing the success of the Japanese motorcycle brands with small, efficient 250s and 125s, and without the capacity to build them in the US, they stepped up and bought 50% of Aermacchi’s motorcycle division. Their 250cc flat single motor proved to be very adaptable to race tuning, and they enjoyed some racing success together in the ‘60s. The 250cc Aermacchi single was sold by Harley-Davidson in the U.S. as the Sprint—and also as the CR flat-track machine, which saw considerable success in the late 1960s—initially in 250cc capacity, though later enlarged to 350cc. Not many race bikes from this era survived, making this clean example even more intriguing.

This 1964 Harley-Davidson/Aermacchi Sprint 250cc is typical of many privateer racers of the 1960s, which developed the already powerful flat-single motor into a formidable racing machine. It features Ceriani road race forks and front brakes, and an extra-large-capacity racing fuel tank for long-distance events. Beautifully painted in Harley-Davidson Orange, the racing full fairing appears like new, without the rashes and scrapes that all race bikes accumulate. It’s got huge drum brakes, clip on bars, and a full race saddle and brake light. There’s plenty of life left in the race tires, and you can bet this bike will be an absolute kick to drive. The engine cases are clean and in great shape, the engine turns over easily, but the gas was drained a long time ago and the consignor reports that the bike ran when parked.

Harley Sprints did very well in ‘60s racing, and here’s a chance to own a fully race-prepped version that is easily as fast as most bikes twice its size.

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