The Corpus Christi Old Car Museum Auction

Lot 18
1957 BMW Isetta 300 Hardtop

Selling on Friday

1957 BMW Isetta 300 Hardtop

CHASSIS NO: 499469

• The larger 298cc engine
• Four-wheel Isetta with superior ride

298cc single-cylinder engine, 13 HP, four-speed gearbox, independent four-wheel suspension, drum brakes; wheelbase: 85

The Isetta was an Italian response to the need for affordable transportation in Europe, and soon it became the first mass-produced car to achieve over 70 MPG. It is likely one of the best-selling single-cylinder cars ever, with over 160,000 sold.

Most all the hard work has been done on this one, with the fresh paint and bodywork looking great. Its the perfect spot for an enthusiast to buy the car, and even if youre not lucky enough to own a paint booth, you can finish it with standard tools. Isettas have been strong in the market for many years, and are a worthy investment for any collection.

Owning an Isetta always brings a ton of curb appeal along with a sure invite to nearly any event you choose.

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