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1967 Austin Mini Moke

Selling on Saturday

1967 Austin Mini Moke

• Driver-quality example
• Veteran of tours, shows and events; built for fun
• Includes canvas folding top

998 cc BMC A-Series inline four-cylinder engine, 55 HP, four-speed manual front transaxle, four-wheel independent suspension, hydraulic four-wheel drum brakes; wheelbase: 80"

The Mini Moke, so-named after a 19th Century Australian expression meaning “donkey” or “pack mule,” was based on the mechanical components and basic layout of the wildly successful Mini. It was originally conceived as a lightweight, air-transportable vehicle, stripped to its bare essentials and aimed at meeting British military requirements. Although the Moke was rejected by the Royal Army due to concerns over the Moke’s low ground clearance, BMC so completely believed in the Moke’s charming presence and remarkable utility that it began offering the Moke to the public in 1964.

While UK production ended in 1968, the Moke continued to be produced in Australia and later by Cagiva in Portugal, with production eventually ending in 1992. Eventually, some 51,000 examples were built in total, with many finding favor with generations of farmers, linemen and ranchers for their toughness and utility. A number were also exported to Catalina Island, the Caribbean and the Seychelles, where their simplicity and chic, avant-garde attitude made them a mainstay of vacation life. The Moke even gained stardom on the small screen, with several appearances in TV’s “The Prisoner” series.

A veteran of many shows, tours and classic events, this BMC Moke is particularly festive and offered in nice driver quality. In addition to a large horn affixed to the right-front fender, this Moke includes a folding canvas top, twin side-view mirrors attached to the windshield frame, auxiliary seat cushions and an aftermarket three-spoke steering wheel. While designed for military use, this Mini Moke is ready to enjoy and to carry you and your lucky friends on new adventures.

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