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1975 BMW R/90/6 Motorcycle

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1975 BMW R/90/6 Motorcycle

CHASSIS NO: 4963010

• Rare and desirable “toaster tank” model
• The fastest BMW of the era
• In stellar condition throughout
• First year for the five-speed gearbox and front disc brake

898cc horizontally-opposed twin engine, 60 HP, five-speed gearbox, front disc and rear drum brakes, front telescoping fork, rear coil shock suspension; wheelbase: 57.6”

As the largest of BMW’s new line of Slash-Six models introduced for the 1974 model year, the BMW R90/6 plugged an important hole in the famed Bavarian company’s line-up. In the growing American marketplace, bigger was increasingly better, and prior to the 898cc R90/6, the largest bike in BMW’s stable was the 745cc R75/5 introduced in 1971.

While the R75 was a competent road bike, it was decidedly old-school compared to the new flash coming out of Japan, and, perhaps more importantly, a bit slow. To get the new R90 up to speed, BMW bored out the R75’s 745cc engine to 898cc, giving the new bike 10 more ponies (60 HP versus the R75’s 50 HP). Top speed went from a previous best of 108 MPH for the R75 to 115 MPH for the R90, and unlike the R75, it was easy to hustle the R90 past the magical 100 MPH mark. For the R90/6 BMW swapped the R75’s front drum brake for a 10.25” disc, dropped the combined speedo/tach for more standard and sporty looking individual units, upgraded the handlebar switchgear and adopted a new five-speed transmission in place of the R75’s four-speed unit. It’s the first BMW without a kick starter.

This beautiful “toaster tank” model is painted in classic black with fine white pinstriping, all in excellent condition throughout. Likewise, the chrome side covers, and exhaust pipes look like new, and overall, it’s a bone stock presentation of a classic BMW model. The heads, bar ends, and pipes are all unmarked by any type of abrasion, indicating this old airhead was never dropped or skidded. The new twin gauge cluster is clear and clean, the seat is like new, and everything is simply very tidy and nicely presented. This attractive R90/6 will give the new owner a bike that is amazingly smooth and comfortable to ride, yet also looks like a show bike that would fit right in at any AMCA club event.

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