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Triumph T100C Tiger Motorcycle

Selling on Friday

 Triumph T100C Tiger Motorcycle


• Handsome scrambler styling
• A favorite for off road and dirt track riders
• Barn find condition that ran when parked
• A largely original British Classic

500cc twin cylinder engine, four-speed gearbox, front telescoping forks, rear coil springs, drum brakes; wheelbase: 53.5”

As a handsome 500cc street scrambler, the 1970 Triumph T100C motorcycle delivered something close to the TR6C Trophy 650’s performance in a more compact and less expensive package. Even with its center stand, the Triumph T100C was a lightweight, at about 340 pounds (dry), so 38 horsepower at 7,000 rpm from the single-carburetor 490cc parallel-twin engine let the rider scoot right along. Meanwhile, the 53.5-inch wheelbase ensured the T100C would be nimble; nevertheless, 18-inch wheels and 3.25-inch knobby tires gave the Tiger a substantial stance. Tigers have always been one of the most versatile bikes of the era, with substantial torque that translates well to the racetrack.

The Triumph T100C had progressively improved to include a two-way damped front fork, Lucas 6CA contact breakers, and 12-volt coil ignition. The 500 Twin’s head has a narrower 78-degree included valve angle and larger intake valve for a small, efficient combustion chamber. A ventilated 7-inch twin-leading-shoe front brake provides maximum braking power.

This example is the classic “ran when parked” barn find bike, looking pretty much the same as it did the last time it was ridden - with a bit of extra dust someone ought to blow off. It’s got an honest amount of wear, but nothing that would indicate a major problem. The collection reports it ran when purchased, it was drained of gas, and it’s been idle ever since.

During this era, a well-prepared Tiger was one of the most potent weapons a dirt track rider could find, and bikes like this that haven’t been trashed are getting to be harder and harder to find. This one certainly looks like an opportunity for the lucky winning bidder to do a bit of cleaning and a tune up, and then enjoy the nimble handling of this classic British motorcycle.

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