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1969 AMC AMX

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1969 AMC AMX

CHASSIS NO: A9C397N281660

• A highly original low mileage example
• The second year of AMX production
• 290 cid V-8 engine with Edelbrock heads
• Sought-after Frost White paint

290 cid V-8 engine, 225 HP, automatic transmission, independent coil spring front suspension, rear semi-elliptic leaf springs, power assisted front disc brakes; wheelbase: 97”

1969 is a great year for many American auto marques - with Neil Armstrong walking on the moon and Led Zeppelin releasing their first album - Americans were eager to buy high performance cars. The AMX name originated as American Motors Experimental, a code used on prototypes for new two-seat designs that were intended to shed the company’s “economy car” image and appeal to a more youthful market. Introduced at Daytona, it ran 130 mph laps, and soon guys like Craig Breedlove and Mark Donahue were setting records in the new short-wheelbase muscle car. By 1969, the second year of production, demand increased and 8,293 AMX were produced.

This lovely Frost White AMX shows just under 63,000 miles on the odometer and the overall condition supports that as being likely. The clean red vinyl bucket seat interior is just plain cool with the original three-spoke woodgrain steering wheel, lots of woodgrain on the doors and the dash, and plenty of legroom up front. Mix in factory air-conditioning and a pushbutton AM radio and, in 1969, you made a real statement driving this beauty. Race car drivers nationwide were proving that an AMX was a potent package, proving that “Race on Sunday, sell on Monday” really did work.

The paint and prep on this AMX remain excellent, with sharp lines highlighting the muscular stance. Everyone loves the way the chrome bumpers are tucked in tight and, with the red racing stripes and Rally wheels, it’s a sleek package that’s also built for performance. This example has obviously been well-tended to for many years and will certainly attract attention wherever it is driven. This 290 Typhoon V-8 is built up in classic period style, with a four-barrel carb, Edelbrock heads, modern MSD Ignition, and a cool chrome air cleaner that looks right at home in a clean and tidy engine compartment. For unique driving excitement, few cars are more fun to drive than an AMX, offering a muscle car alternative to enthusiasts and racers around the country.

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