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2008 Volkswagen EOS 2.0T

Selling on Friday

2008 Volkswagen EOS 2.0T


• Folding hardtop with an integrated sunroof
• Turbocharged engine and six-speed automatic transmission
• Every advantage of a hardtop and a roadster in one
• Just 52,500 miles from new

2.0-litre four-cylinder engine, 200 HP, six-speed automatic transmission, independent coil spring suspension, disc brakes; wheelbase: 101.5Ē

Everyone loves the idea of a convertible, but letís face it - that reality often includes shakes and rattles, a little wind noise, and a loss of storage space. The Volkswagen EOS solves all that. It's exceptionally pleasing with the top up, thanks to a huge, standard-equipment sunroof that makes the interior bright and airy. It slides tight against the windshield frame to close and retracts up and over the hard roof in the open position. When it's time to drop the top, the retracted glass nests like spoons in the drawer, and disappears under the trunk lid. The disappearing act takes 27 seconds and it's fully automatic, even the unlatching from the windshield frame.

Top up or down, this is a classy looking vehicle, with fine lines and a very clean look. The Shadow Blue paint is excellent, the fit and finish is great, and itís a lovely mash-up of classic lines and modern convenience. Jump into the clean and simple interior of this EOS, and youíll instantly be impressed by the bolstered bucket seats and the well-designed interior. The driver gets analog style gauges, and a clean console with air-conditioning and a CD stereo. Everything is laid out for easy driver access, and itís a refreshingly clean look that is both highly functional and very comfortable. The really fun part of this car lies under the hood, with the turbocharged four-cylinder loving it when allowed to rev.

A very modern six-speed automatic allows both quickness as well as fuel efficiency, and with only 52,500 miles on the car, thereís a lot of fun left in this sporty Volkswagen. Practical as an everyday car or pampered as the collector car itís sure to become, you can certainly justify the fun and function of owning this fine EOS 2.0T. Itís a unique and appealing car thatís certainly going to attract attention wherever it goes.

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