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1974 Citroen 2CV Camionette

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1974 Citroen 2CV Camionette

CHASSIS NO: 104K9752

• Well-preserved, driver-quality example
• Retaining French number plate
• A wonderful and rare find at auction
• Commercial version of Franceís iconic 2CV

Air-cooled, flat two-cylinder engine, four-speed manual gearbox, front and rear trailing-arm suspension, four-wheel drum brakes; wheelbase 94.5Ē

Unveiled at the October 1948 Paris Salon, the minimalistic CitroŽn 2CV went on to be every bit as criticized, yet beloved, as Volkswagenís Beetle. Capable of reaching perhaps 40 mph flat out and consequently the butt of countless jokes, the 2CV was crucial to mobilizing postwar French reconstruction, nonetheless. Despite the critics, including Franceís president, CitroŽn took a veritable flood of customer orders at the carís Paris debut. In fact, the 2CV was an immediate and massive commercial success, with a three-year waiting list within months of it going on sale and soon extending to five years. Interestingly, used examples frequently commanded higher sale prices than new cars because buyers were not required to wait.

Given the importance of the 2CV to the French economy, priority for new cars was given to those required to travel by car because of the nature of work, and for those whom ordinary cars were too expensive to purchase. Among the favored 2CV buyers were veterinarians, doctors, midwives, priests and small-scale farmers. As production numbers increased, the 2CV was carefully and methodically developed and improved, helping to explain the unusually long 2CV production run, which continued through 1988 in France and from 1988-90 in Portugal.

By 1951, the 2CV received such welcome upgrades as an ignition lock and lockable driver's door, with production now reaching 100 cars per week and 16,288 for the year. Following the basic 2CV, the 2CV Camionette panel van, also known as the Fourgonnette, arrived. Predictably, the Camionette was a frequent sight everywhere in France, given its trim proportions, startling economy, and generous cargo compartment. This 1974 CitroŽn 2CV Camionette is a clean, well-presented example of these hard-working yet utterly charming French vehicles. Basic and purposeful as expected, it retains a French number plate and features a cargo compartment with side windows and a tool/storage compartment. The Dove Grey paint finish is nicely contrasted by the green-finished steel wheels, the engine compartment and interior appear driver-quality and highly original, with the vehicle quite presentable throughout. Looking as though it was just taken out of commercial service, this 1974 CitroŽn 2CV Camionette is a wonderful and rare find at auction.

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