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1939 Ford DeLuxe Fordor Sedan

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1939 Ford DeLuxe Fordor Sedan

CHASSIS NO: 4723219

• Very well-preserved, maintained and stored
• Highly original throughout with unmodified body
• One of the most attractive pre-WWII designs
• Top-of-the-line DeLuxe model

221 cid L-head V-8 engine, Stromberg two-barrel carburetor, 90 HP at 3,800 RPM, three-speed manual transmission, solid front and ¾-floating rear axles with transverse leaf springs, Lockheed hydraulic drum brakes; wheelbase: 112”

An iconic design – and one of the most visually striking of all automobile lines to come from the immediate pre-World War II era, the 1939 Ford models were one of the final and finest expressions of the celebrated design partnership of company president Edsel B. Ford and “Bob” Gregorie. Both men shared a deep appreciation for watercraft and marine design principles, with Ford often navigating the waters of Lake St. Clair and Gregorie having considerable expertise as a yacht designer in New York before the arrival of the Great Depression.

Once again offered for 1939 in Standard and DeLuxe models, with the Standard line appearing much like the 1938 DeLuxe, Ford’s new DeLuxe offerings for 1939 were distinguished by their much more modern overall appearance. Most noticeably among the refinements applied to the upscale Fords were teardrop-shaped headlamps faired smoothly into the leading edges of the front fenders, plus a lower-set grille with fine vertical bars. Simple chrome trim now replaced the former hood louvers, and DeLuxe bodies also featured smoother profiles.

Blessed with smoothly flowing bodylines, intricate grille design, teardrop headlamps, and an Art Deco-influenced interior motif, the ’39 Fords – regardless of body style and trim level – represent a high-water mark of automobile design. Underneath, newly available Lockheed-type hydraulic brakes, revised cylinder heads for the renowned “flathead” V-8 engine and welcome detail improvements provided mechanical sophistication to match the obvious outward beauty of the ’39 Ford line.

While some 532,000 Ford passenger cars were built in all during 1939, precious few survive today in relation to other models of the 1930s. Quite likely, fewer still are as well-preserved and presented as this very nice 1939 Ford DeLuxe Fordor Sedan, which appears to remain highly original and unmodified, with the exception of a Ford-scripted accessory spotlight, “Blue Dot” lenses in the taillights, and wide whitewall tires. A spare wheel and tire reside inside the trunk compartment. In addition to its sound bodywork, this DeLuxe Fordor also features a very nice interior compartment and retains original-appearing running-board covers. If you thought all the nice, original prewar V-8 Fords have already been found and snapped up by collectors, this 1939 Ford DeLuxe Fordor Sedan patiently awaits its next appreciative caretaker.

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