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1947 Studebaker M16 1 1/2-Ton Truck

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1947 Studebaker M16 1 1/2-Ton Truck


• Attractive early postwar Studebaker truck
• Legendary reliability; quite rare today
• Ideal display vehicle or parts chaser

226 cid L-head inline six-cylinder engine, 94 HP, four-speed manual transmission, solid front and live rear axles, four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes; wheelbase: 152Ē

In January 1941, Studebaker introduced an entirely new line of trucks, designated the M-Series. Offered in a line comprising four models with load capacities ranging from half through two tons, the M-Series not only found immediate buyer acceptance, it would serve as Studebakerís mainstay truck design throughout the 1940s. Since civilian vehicle production was curtailed during early 1942, a critical need for new trucks for both industry and agriculture existed by the time war in Europe ended in early 1945. Accordingly, the War Production Board authorized manufacturers to resume limited production of some truck models; in the spring of 1945, Studebaker resumed production of M15 1-ton trucks: an M15-20 pickup with 120-inch wheelbase, and a M15-28 truck with dual rear wheels and 128-inch wheelbase.

Full production of 1946 M-Series trucks began with 367 M5s in December 1945. Studebakerís truck model line-up was the same as in 1941, plus the new M17 two-ton export model. To distinguish the new M15s from the 1945 models, the 1946 trucks were designated M15A. The stainless-steel grille trim and some other DeLuxe features were no longer available, but others were now standard. All M5s now had body-colored fenders while larger models continued to be equipped with black fenders. M-Series truck production continued with the same drivetrains throughout 1946 and into March 1948. A few running changes were made, including a massive painted front bumper on the M15-28, M16, and M17 models in 1947. In October 1946, the vehicle serial number plate was moved from the left front door hinge pillar to the seat riser on the driverís side. Despite their very limited model lineup, the M-Series trucks were a huge success, selling 664 units in December 1945, 43,196 in 1946, 67,809 in 1947 and another 19,316 during January through March 1948. Total 1940-48 M-Series truck production was some 146,000 units, more than three times as many civilian trucks as Studebaker had produced in the previous three decades.

Finished in red with black fenders, this 1947 Studebaker M16 1 Ĺ-ton flatbed truck is a nice example of the highly successful truck lines pouring from Studebakerís South Bend, Indiana factories during the immediate postwar years. It was cosmetically restored prior to joining the George Finley Collection and as offered, it will make a fun classic parts chaser or provide a perfect canvas to promote your business.

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